We’re Gunnin’ For Ya!

shooting3Our aim at Gobananasinriga is to keep you happy on your stag weekend, and for some that means trigger happy! We have plenty of options for you to set your sights on.

Clay pigeons are always fair game to have a crack at and we can arrange a session at a great venue where you can add on a BBQ at the end at an additional cost  – don’t worry you don’t have to eat what you’ve shot!

You might think that picking paintball is a painless way to go shooting but you’d be wrong. These pellets can sting so you’d best watch your back if you don’t want to spend time afterwards counting your bruises.

For a little light relief there’s always military lasertag. No danger of anything other than being dazzled but still with the all the excitement of combat capers.

The real deal has to be the chance to shoot some real firearmsBang away with a Kalashnikov rifle, Glock and Margolin pistols and a pump-action shotgun – something you definitely can’t do in the UK (unless you have some very dodgy acquaintances!).

Trust Gobananasinriga to give you more bang for your buck!

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