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Perhaps It’s All Ball-derdash!

superman bulgeMen are always, quite rightly, being urged to check their balls for signs of testicular cancer. Now research has suggested that while you’re having a fumble down there you could also get an indication of how good a father you are, or could be. It seems the smaller your spheres the more of a hands-on Paw you are.

It has always been assumed that enormous nuts are a sign of virility and real manhood but that now seems to suggest that you’re just a dud as a Dad. So a bit of dilemma then – do you want to display your lunchbox Linford Christie style or might it be better to tuck your tackle away?

There is a crumb of comfort in the research – all the men who took part in the research were from Atlanta in the USA so perhaps it’s just a Yank thing!

Whatever their size you’ll certainly need them for some of the outrageous things you can do with Gobananasinriga – just don’t take any balls out references literally!!

(And be careful when you’re swimming!)

What’s Been Your Biggest Bargain?

bond carThis week the submarine Lotus Esprit used in the Bond film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ was sold at auction for £550,000. It was revealed that the car had been bought in Long Island in 1989 by a small business owner who had punted £100 on an unpaid storage unit in a blind auction hoping to make a profit on the contents!

Also this week a previously unknown landscape painting by Vincent Van Gogh was found in a Norwegian attic has been authenticated after previously been dubbed a van gogh painting

So what’s the best deal you’ve ever struck? Was it something lurking in your loft or a boot sale bargain?

Let’s see who comes close to a profit of around £549,956!

If It’s Good Enough for the Dalai Lama…….

dali lamaThe lure of Latvia attracts all sorts of people and this week its the Dalai Lama, who arrived in Riga yesterday for a short visit.

The main event is a “Culture of Compassion” talk in Riga Arena (you’re going to have be to quick off the mark if you think you’d like to go – it’s this afternoon!) and everybody who attends is being asked to bring white lilies which will be scattered in the River Dauga after the talk.

Don’t think His Holiness is going to have time to try any Gobananasinriga type activities but he seems to be a jovial kind of character who would probably enjoy a quick shot on a quad or a wild water tube ride through the white lilies!

The Dalai Lama previously visited Latvia in 1991 and 2001.

Not So Hot at Currys


I don’t do dancing, even at dances, and interviews are tough enough these days with psychometric tests and the like without intentionally being made to look really stupid by having to perform some pointless and demeaning routine. If it wasn’t for the fact that most people are desperate for work I’m pretty sure the interviewers would have been told where to go. If it was up to me I’d be making them do the stupidest dance ever on Curry’s next TV ad if they want to keep their jobs.

Room in Riga for Hens Too!

poledancing rigaRiga really is poles apart for a perfect hen weekend away! All the stuff the guys go for on a stag do can be yours too (we remember to switch the strippers for something more member-able!).

Remember it’s nice to be naughty and there’s nobody better that GoBananas in Riga for ensuring you can be as naughty as you like!

Fish are Having A Ball in Paris!

pacuFinding out that there’s a fish with a taste for wedding tackle is an excellent reason to stick to swimming in pools not ponds or rivers! Another excellent reason is that we have a sensational pool party where your dangly bits won’t be in danger!

Lock, Stock and a Few Smoking Barrels!

guns rigaPaintball is fun, so is laser tag, but this really is in a different league – a rare chance to try shooting some legendary firearms with GoBananas in Riga.

You might think you’re a crackshot with a Kalashnikov, great with a Glock pistol or even a maestro with a Margolin until you check your targets! Might be easier trying to hit a barn door with a banjo!

Have A Go on a Colder Coaster!

bobsleigh trackHere’s another crazy reason for heading to Riga for a winter stag weekend with GoBananas – it’s the only place where you can have a go on a bobsleigh down an Olympic standard track!

A veritable white (or that may be blue) knuckle ride that you and your mates will never forget. Check out the video link below!

Don’t Feel Abandoned!

abandoned-roller-coaster-25-pics_1A stag weekend in Riga is all about having a great experience, not being abandoned in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. If you want to be amused not bemused then you’d best book with GoBananas in Riga because remember – it’s a jungle out there!