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Hens migrate to Riga for the winter

Riga hen Weekend IdeasAs winter approaches , more and more Hens from the UK  are migrating north to Riga in Latvia.  This group of Hens is not the egg laying kind -but the party animals hell bent on having a great Hen Weekend in Riga.

Previously Riga was the European Stag  capital, but recently more and more Hens are discovering the cost saving benefits of migrating the hen weekend to Riga. Hens have discovered that they too can behave badly abroad enjoying antics like this

Riga Rocks! Cheap Flights, Inexpensive 3, 4 and 5 star Hotels and dare we say it cheap alcohol has suddenly and finally been noticed by Hens on a budget. Girls love being pampered so check out this two night lavish weekend.

Winter in Riga brings a number of unique activities that Girls that are really up for it will never experience in the UK. Check out the Olympic Bobsleigh run if you fancy sheer terror or prove that you can keep it all together during the crazy Drift Driving adventure!

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