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Banged Up in Riga!


GoBananasinriga are great at arranging unique accommodation for your stag weekend…..just don’t expect ‘unique’ to always mean luxurious!

This is, however, a secure place to stay overnight where every detail is scrutinized. Nothing escapes the attention of the ever-attentive staff here.

Check out the link below to see all the amenities on offer though we think you’ll find it difficult to resist our hard cell!

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Riga nightclub bouncersBefore the euphoria of your impending testosterone-fuelled Riga stag weekend completely overwhelms you it would be wise to take a look at this before you end up tangling with some Russian bouncers keen to take all your cash.

This the American Embassy’s blacklist of clubs and bars that embassy staff and their family members are officially prohibited from using.

We reckon that if Uncle Sam is saying stay away then it’s advice that everyone should pay attention to!  The US says they have ‘become notorious for credit card fraud extortion scams, prostitution rings and violence by organized criminals.’

  • Angels – Elizabetes 22
  • Babylon – Kalku 24; (formerly Roxy Klub) located near the entrance to Old Town on Kalku street.
  • A13 – Audeju 13; (formerly Mary) located on the east side of Galleria Centrs Mall.
  • Enigma – Kalku 22; located next door to Livu Krodzins. (formerly Puzzle and Pink Panther).
  • Livu Krodzins Bar/Pizzeria – Kalku 22 (formerly Royal Pub, Lord’s Pub and Groks Pub) located next door to Babylon.
  • Baltic Saloon –(formerly Red Lion Pub and Saxon) – Laipu 7; located near Livu Square in a small street to the right of restaurant Steiku Haoss.
  • Golden Dolls (formerly Kapsula Bar) – located on Audeju Iela near Galleria Center in Old Town( Formerly Zephyr Bar)
  • Blow Style- formerly Monroe’s nightclub – Skarnu Iela 7, Behind Indian Raja.
  • Hostel Pub – Teatra street 12
  • Sonali Pub – Brivibas street 46

Of course we think that booking with GoBananasinRiga and being taken to reputable clubs and bars is really the safest way to have a great and trouble-free weekend, but if you are crazy enough to go it alone then at least you now have a heads up about where to avoid if you don’t want your wallet and bank account cleaned out.

Riga Stag party

Voted as the most popular destination for British Stag Parties, Riga is the ancient capital city of the Latvian Country. Riga is now a Stag Haven. Riga became popular since the low cost airlines began flying nine years ago. Scores of glitzy bars served by attractive local girls, pub crawls, sizzling lap dancing clubs and pool parties in private houses, strip clubs and sailing trips, everything has a touch of Latvian Beauty and the beauties.

Make your Riga Stag Parties memorable and fun with GoBananas list of stag party ideas. The choice of budget friendly and bespoke packages add more fun to your stag parties in Riga!