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More Hot Stuff in Riga!

120914_ChiliConCliff_lv (1)Riga really is a hot destination for stags. In addition to all the hot clubs and hot girls it seems the city is always looking at ways to heat things up.

Last week saw the 8th annual Chili Cook Off in Riga organised by the American Chamber of Commerce with eight teams competing for the Best Chili in Riga award.

The Danish Dynamite team took the honours,  the Drupa family team were second with their  Chuck Wagon Chili and the Coca-Cola Helenic Team were third with their Coca-Cola Happiness Chili.

GoBananasonriga can’t offer you award-winning chili on your stag weekend, but we can guarantee a red-hot riot of fun and excitement that you’ll never forget!



An Arresting Offer!

Free Stag Arrest – Save 261.99 euros


Like to set your Stag up to be ‘arrested’ in Riga? It’s so realistic he won’t have a clue it’s a stunt! You’ll need 16 pranksters along for the ride who’ve booked accommodation and two activities with us to claim this offer!

  • Stag taken blindfolded to strip club
  • Left chained to dance pole
  • Group transported to club
  • Stag given special treatment by dancers!

Note: Minimum age 18. Accommodation and at least two activities must be prebooked with Gobananasinriga for a minimum of 16 people to qualify for this offer.

Xciting Riga Xdream Hotel Deal!


xdream barGet your finger out and fix up a fantastic accommodation deal in Riga for your October Stag Weekend.

Just 15 euros per night (usual price from 24.99) at the amazing Xdream Hotel in Riga  – stunning three star hotel that has:

  • Own club with exotic dancers
  •  24-hour bar with lager starting at 1.50 euros a pint
  • Sky Sports
  • Sauna and plunge pool
  • Close to the city centre
  • Breakfast included

More cash to stash in the stag do kitty!



Call 0131 6034860 NOW! 

Perhaps It’s All Ball-derdash!

superman bulgeMen are always, quite rightly, being urged to check their balls for signs of testicular cancer. Now research has suggested that while you’re having a fumble down there you could also get an indication of how good a father you are, or could be. It seems the smaller your spheres the more of a hands-on Paw you are.

It has always been assumed that enormous nuts are a sign of virility and real manhood but that now seems to suggest that you’re just a dud as a Dad. So a bit of dilemma then – do you want to display your lunchbox Linford Christie style or might it be better to tuck your tackle away?

There is a crumb of comfort in the research – all the men who took part in the research were from Atlanta in the USA so perhaps it’s just a Yank thing!

Whatever their size you’ll certainly need them for some of the outrageous things you can do with Gobananasinriga – just don’t take any balls out references literally!!

(And be careful when you’re swimming!)

Not So Hot at Currys


I don’t do dancing, even at dances, and interviews are tough enough these days with psychometric tests and the like without intentionally being made to look really stupid by having to perform some pointless and demeaning routine. If it wasn’t for the fact that most people are desperate for work I’m pretty sure the interviewers would have been told where to go. If it was up to me I’d be making them do the stupidest dance ever on Curry’s next TV ad if they want to keep their jobs.

Room in Riga for Hens Too!

poledancing rigaRiga really is poles apart for a perfect hen weekend away! All the stuff the guys go for on a stag do can be yours too (we remember to switch the strippers for something more member-able!).

Remember it’s nice to be naughty and there’s nobody better that GoBananas in Riga for ensuring you can be as naughty as you like!

Fish are Having A Ball in Paris!

pacuFinding out that there’s a fish with a taste for wedding tackle is an excellent reason to stick to swimming in pools not ponds or rivers! Another excellent reason is that we have a sensational pool party where your dangly bits won’t be in danger!